World Premiere of Bill Kopp's DUMB BUNNY & JACKASS


Legendary animator Bill Kopp (Eek! The Cat) is back with a brand new show: DUMB BUNNY & JACKASS, and he wants to have the show’s pilot episode premiere at the Los Angeles Comic Con for animation fans! In the works and under wraps for the past year, Bill has been working furiously to bring to life the comedy duo of Dumb Bunny and his friend Jackass. It’s Abbott and Costello but with scotch. Lots of scotch. This pilot episode consists of two never-before-seen short 10-minute cartoons: “The Legend of Bearfoot” and “Pixie Sh*t.” Bill will talk about making Dumb Bunny & Jackass without the backing of a major studio on Adobe’s Character Animator and answer questions about the future of independent animation and voice acting. Joined by Dumb Bunny & Jackass voice actor Jon Bailey (Epic Voice Guy for Honest Trailers), the famous Eric Bauza (the current voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Woody) and long-time of Bill’s, will moderate the panel. Audiences will have a chance to give Bill direct feedback on his new project and be the first to experience this hilarious new series. The future of animation is THIS PANEL!

Bill Kopp
Jon Bailey
Eric Bauza
Eric Bauza
11:00 am
12:00 pm
Dec 3
Panel type
Film Festival