Amber Arden

Amber Arden is a fashion stylist + designer, content creator, fairytale connoisseur, and petite model based in Orange County, Ca. 

Known for her Snow White Mashup costumes and all things Disney and Star Wars, she creates photo shoots inspired by original art, all the way to vintage characters.  

Designing and cosplaying for 9 years, she's frequently a content creator for Disney (affiliate brands & counterparts), and featured in + invited to many known fashion fandom brand campaigns and events.

Amber also worked in a museum (The Norton Simon) attending galleries and exhibitions...while also being an assistant to photographers at numerous fashion + film studios all over Los Angeles and Orange County (especially at the historic Studio Charis in Pasadena, Ca) where she gained all sorts of skills in the process.

Coordinating hundreds of photo shoots involving all aspects of fashion and costume, she’s mainly known for her Mashup Armored Costume #Snowbafett in 2015, a Boba Fett inspired Snow White and Generated a 30+ army of Armored Disney Characters #DisneyFetts.

Amber is a frequent cosplay guest at LA Comic Con and is featured in magazine articles like LA Times, Huffington Post, Walt Disney World Magazine, Disney Style & on the covers of Cosplay Culture + Cosplay Realm Magazine.

Amber truly believes that life is fueled by our most treasured memories and dreams. Life can be chaotic but also surprising. Therefore, Amber loves to incorporate nostalgic subject matter in her photoshoot editorials, mainly focusing on personal experiences in metaphorical ways.

You never know what she’ll do next, because she’s always changing.