Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley is an American actress best known for her role in the sitcom ‘Saved by the Bell.’ She initially worked as a model before she made her acting debut with a role in the TV film 'Frog'. She later gained recognition for her work in the TV series 'Saved by the Bell'. The series gained popularity because of its focus on issues such as drug use, women's rights, homelessness, and environmental issues. AOL TV named the show one of the "20 Best School Shows of all Time". Her first work on the big screen was her role in the film 'Molly & Gina'. Her popularity increased after she appeared in the film 'Showgirls'. The film didn't do too well commercially; however, it eventually went on to receive a cult status. She also played an important role in the comedy film 'The First Wives Club'. The film was a huge commercial success. It also received an Oscar nomination. Apart from her work in films, Berkley is an animal rights activist as well. She has been involved with PETA, encouraging people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.