Mark DeCarlo

Emmy Award winning writer/actor and best-selling author Mark DeCarlo, honed his improvisational skills as a Founding member of The Second City Hollywood. In addition to hosting 1000+ hours of network and syndicated TV, for the past decade, Mark has written, hosted and produced man-on-the-street comedy segments for ABC’s Windy City LIVE commuting from his home in LA to his home town of Chicago, winning the Emmy Award three consecutive years in a row. On the big screen, Mark co-wrote (with Ryan Rowe) and stars in the animated feature reboot: Pinocchio & the Magic Water and is producing the 2023 Asymmetric Studios release. When the pandemic began, Mark partnered with VES award winning VFX futurist Julian Sarmiento to found Creative Disruption Partners. A real time animation motion capture studio. The company found early success with daily 60-minute YouTube celebrity livestreams of their real time motion capture cartoon character BOFFO the BEAR. They also produced live cartoon events at LA ComicCon in 2019 and again in 2021, the first such shows to feature a cartoon on a real stage with real humans. If you have, or once were, a child, you’re no doubt familiar with Mark through his cartoon characters, most notably Hugh Neutron in“Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.” Generally, Mark is known for playing ridiculous, off-beat characters.